Ask Coach Mac: Episode #057

January 30, 2017

Today’s questions:
Jason - Ron, do you use gym aware or tendo units with your team? If so, do you use different velocities for new athletes compared to veterans during a periodization block?
Marc - Coach question about squats and 90 degrees! Where did 90 degrees come from? I watch my 18 month old and she squats @$$ to ankle. I watch discovery channel and 80 year olds selling food and trinkets on the street squat @$$ to ankle. So why isn't that the standard?
John - In the next 10 years, how do you think the field of Strength and Conditioning will change based on any patterns you've seen from the last decade or recently?
Gary - How do you like to maximize the power equation and which areas do you emphasize (force vs. velocity) - and does it depend on the athlete/position?
Joe - High weight/low reps vs. low weight/high reps in the weight room - where do you think low weight/high reps need to be used in the weight room? Would you consider high reps based on training specificity goals?
Derek - How can new coaches entering the field demonstrate value? How can we change the low entry level salary when a MS and numerous years of experience is required?
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