Ask Coach Mac: Episode #061

February 27, 2017

Today’s questions:

Andy - I struggle with plyometrics and understand how complex it can be. I have started to use very basic exercises to help improve landing mechanics and absorbing forces such as single leg hops and now into bounding but I am really struggling to move forward from this as well as trying to keep it fun for the athletes. Do you have any resources or ideas which you would suggest?

Andy - I have an athlete who is a soccer player in-season and I have been asked to plan their program for the reminder of the season [4 months]. He play's every Sunday and can only train twice a week with a training age of 3 years. I was going to try and maintain strength and power over the months but struggling to see what kind of conditioning I may need to include [if any due to 3 soccer training sessions each week] or any ideas of how I can plan the weekly sessions [session 1 strength / session 2 power for example]

Jesse - I’m wondering whether you have any tips/advice on what more I can do to assist my chances in securing a position in the US?

Ben - Recently I have seen an influx of strength & conditioning jobs overseas (United Kingdom, Australia, China). As a seasoned strength coach, I was wondering if you had any advice for someone (me) who is looking to get a strength coach job in another country (i.e., any websites or foreign job markets you would recommend).

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